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products in your country?
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Having trouble getting US
products in your country?
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Our Location

We are located and operating from the USA.


We provide full assistance in warehousing and shipping

Shop Online

When you shop on US, European or Asian websites, enter your complete Earthship address as your delivery address at checkout.

Use Our Address

We’ll email you when your order is delivered to our export facility. When you’re ready, sign in to Earthship.com and release it.

Enjoy Your Item

Approximately 2-5 working days later, you’ll receive your shopping at your home wherever you are worldwide.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

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Shipping Solutions

Providing an independent advice and identifying the right fit for you. Services are sourced and procured based on solution specifications provided by our Supply Chain Solution.

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We take care of the shipping part

All import tax and duty worked out and paid up front so there are no hidden fees & bad surprises on deliveries out of our US. Our free repacking service will reduce the volume of your packages and add a better protection to them.



Let the numbers speak
for themselves


Delivered packages

We strongly support best practice sharing across our operations around the world and across various industrial sectors.


Countries covered

As one of the world’s leading shipping forwarding companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions.


Tons of goods

We deal with hundreds of packages a day making us very busy in this arena. Buy with confidence knowing we will deliver.


Where to Shop

How we help customers
across the world

Combine multiple orders under one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together and you only pay the 1st kilo once. Estimate your shipping fees before you buy. It provides an estimate of the costs to shop and ship your parcels globally to your home address in Belgium.

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