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Most Common Faq’s

Is there a payment to sign up?

No there is no fee to sign up for basic membership only monthly subscription for premium membership.

How is the cost of shipping calculated?

The shipping rate for each parcel is dependent on the destination, carrier selected, weight of the package, dimensions of the box and declared value. You can use our Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping rates based on these criteria.

How long can I store my package in the warehouse?

Packages can be stored for up to 90 days. Packages not mailed out within these time frames will expire and not be visible within your account. If you fail to mail your package out before the storage expires, you have the option to purchase up to 20 days of additional storage time. When you select to extend the storage for an expired package, you will be assessed a fee of $10 USD.

When can I start using your services?

Right away. Once you have received the U.S address, you can use it when checking out on any site.

What is dimensional (DIM) weight?

The DIM weight refers to the dimensional weight of a package based on size rather than the measured “gross weight”. To price international shipping, carriers charge the greater of measured weight or DIM weight based on the size of the box.
DIM weight is calculated as (length × width × height) / (dimensional factor).
Your package DIM weight may vary by carrier for the same size box.

Will you notify me after my package arrives to your warehouse?

Yes, we will email you once your packages are checked in and entered into your account.


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